Why choose CLK Glass Splashbacks

CLK Glass Splashbacks has an extensive online gallery of splashbacks collection that comprises of several distinctive ranges, in terms of designs and colors. Every glass is handcrafted to efficiently cater to the exclusive requirements of each and every customer. Our team of experienced professionals are capable of advising customers based on the required designs, measurements, colors, and installation.

Be it bold and bright, or sultry and subtle, you can flaunt your kitchens and bathrooms! You can also go as adventurous as you want, and craft your own designs with customised glass colour. With a unique touch, your kitchen and bathroom areas will be downrightly transformed from a tasteless space to bold and inviting zones.

We invite all the visitors looking for inspirational splashbacks to check out our innovatively designed and colored glass splashbacks by contacting our team of professional consultants. Our toughened safety glass splashbacks are priced corresponding to the size as well as glass design range selected by the customer.

What can you expect


We use 6mm toughened glass available in Clear (Float) or Low Iron. Clear (Float) has a light green tint which may affect colour of plate paints, but it is less expensive than Low Iron. Low Iron is absolutely clear, so it is perfect for when colour matching is required.


A member of the CLK Glass splashbacks measurement team will attend your home or site to measure your new splashback once the kitchen or bathroom is fully installed. We only measure once the kitchen or bathroom is full installed because we have to measure down to the millimetre. We are unable to add or subtract from the measurements of the glass once it is toughened and painted. Our measurement specialist will also bring our range of colour samples with them to help you make a colour choice.


Once your splashback has been measured, detailed plans will be drawn up and the glass will be cut, processed and painted. Please allow up to approximately 10 working days between measurement and installation.


We have a team of expert technicians, installers and well-trained staff who will install glass splashbacks in your kitchen and bathroom quickly, quietly, and certainly no mess.
All CLK Glass splashbacks are fixed in place with glazing silicone, any joints are sealed with silicone to create a water tight seal. Cut Outs or holes are provided for powerpoints, taps, rangehoods or utensil racks. As our glass is toughened and it cannot be drilled or cut once this process is done.

Why we are the best

Shiny Splashbacks:

We hold a significant position in the Sydney market owing to the fact that our toughened safety glasses are far and widely known to add an interesting shine to your interiors. They reflect brilliant sheen and light to radiate your kitchen with scintillating touch during winter days or nights.

Excellent Contour of Colors:

CLK Glass Splashbacks proudly boast a beautiful collection of colorful splashbacks. From bright red, lime green, and blue to brilliant white, purple, and pink – we have all the colors of glasses to give your kitchens and bathrooms a magical and unique touch.


This sure is one of the wonderful reasons why our clients choose us. Since our splashbacks can be easily cleaned to maintain a hygienic atmosphere, we mostly get most our business through referrals.

Perfect Fit:

We offer made-to-measure toughened safety glass splashback that worth every penny in your pocket. These premium quality toughened safety glass can perfectly fit your kitchen and bathroom walls.

Unique Glass Splashback Designs:

Our glasses are unique and customised in line with the client’s specific requirements to pimp your bathrooms and kitchen with photographic designs.

Features of glass splashbacks include:

  • Commitment to customer service
  • Heat resistant
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Non porous
  • Low maintenance
  • All glass toughened safety glass
  • Colour match to any colour chart
  • Splashbacks up to 3660mm length
  • Meets International standards
  • Faster and professional service
  • 7 year limited warranty
  • Best quality products
  • Total commitment to customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Many styles
  • Unlimited range of colours
  • Custom made