Our glass colour collection

CLK Glass Splashbacks proudly boast a beautiful collection of colorful splashbacks. From bright red, lime green, and blue to brilliant white, purple, and pink – we have all the colors of glasses to give your home a magical and unique touch.

CLK Glass Splashbacks colours may appear different in the final installation. Colour will vary according to the light source, intensity and surrounding colours. As with all coloured products.

Colours appear very differently from computer to computer, both on the screen and when printed with different printers. This page, when viewed on the Internet, can only give an approximate indication of the actual colour of the CLK Glass Splashbacks.

Ruby Tuesday
Glasurite Red
Naked Light
Strawberry Whip
Hot Ginger
Ran Sunset
Apricot Fool
Log Cabin
Exploding Star
Pascol Bronze
Lunar Dust
Satin Green
Magnetic Blue
Water Raceway
Breezy Quarter
Emperor Jewel
New Love
Rich Biscuit
Grand Piano
Coarse Silver