7 year Guarantee


All our 6mm Coloured Glass Splashbacks carry a 7 year guarantee which covers against delamination, discolouration and faulty workmanship from date of installation. Unfortunately all our mirror products are not covered by this guarantee.

Important information – Never lean pots or pans on the glass surface. Also don’t let a flame from gas cooktops touch the glass. Direct direct heat transfer will cause damage or breakage not covered by this warranty.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection will be carried out after install by the customer and the installer. This is to ensure there is no defects in the glass when viewed from a distance of one metre or more under normal lighting.


CLK Glass Splashbacks colours may appear different in the final installation. Colour will vary according to the light source, intensity and surrounding colours. As with all coloured products.

The colour can vary depending on the glass used and this would of been explained to you before your purchase. The iron content of the glass and other minerals can effect the final result of some of the colours. CLK Glass Splashbacks will not be held responsible for colour variations due to iron content.


CLK Glass Splashbacks use 6mm toughened glass this process makes the glass “Safety Glass” in accordance with Australian Standard AS1288-Glass in Buildings. The glass is adhered in such a way that if in the unlikely event it breaks it will not cause injury or harm. Extreme concentrated heat for long periods of time may cause the glass to explode. This Guarantee does not cover breakage due to misuse or damage.


Silicone is applied to all edges of the glass panels for installation and sealing purposes. Seals may vary depending on joinery, walls and bench tops being level or plumb. To prevent Silicon discolouration please make sure to clean the seals (please see our Maintenance & Care page). Sanitary grade Acrylic gap filler is used on all exposed edges adjoining existing painted surfaces. Gaps of up to four millimetres of Silicone or gap filler are acceptable.


Glass Cleaner is recommended or any non-abrasive-type glass cleaners. Wipe over with cloth or paper. Please see our Maintenance & Care page for more instructions.

Other Trades

After CLK Glass Splashbacks has completed installation. any work carried out on glass by Tradesmen such as Electricians, Plumbers etc, will void this Guarantee. Please contact us here for technical advice, if work is to be carried out on CLK Glass Splashbacks after installation .